Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival

Friday 29 Nov to Sunday 1st Dec

All are welcome to participate by entering your own unique Christmas Tree to display.

Every second year, Athelstone Uniting Church holds its Christmas Tree Festival. Held over the last weekend in November, this event is run to be a gift to our community. It is an opportunity for anyone to create or decorate a Christmas tree for display.  The festival runs over the course of 3 days, allowing schools, kindergartens, aged care residents, family and friends to come along and enjoy over 50 incredible trees.

Our next festival will be in November 2019, and we will have a focus on creating trees from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

Whilst we know it is still some time in the future, would like to invite your school, business or community group to participate in the 2019 Christmas Tree Festival by entering a tree and/or coming along to see the displays.

If you would like more information in the meantime, please contact Julie
(Athelstone Uniting Church Christmas Tree Festival Coordinator)
on 8337 0815 or 0418 811 556.

Christmas Tree Festival – Mission Statement:
To enable the Church, Community and Children to Celebrate Christmas. To have a Community Outreach event where families, schools, aged, disadvantaged, community groups and businesses can enjoy the occasion without expense. To be a time when the Church can say to the Community, come see, we have something beautiful for you to see, hear and share.
All this is made possible because God loves us in Jesus Christ.