Community Art Project – unraveled

Community Art Project – unraveled

We invite you to add and weave into our art project..
Do you ever feel a sense that your life is unraveling… getting out of control… falling apart? As you look at what is happening in the world, do you wonder the same?

In our unraveling, sometimes life surprises us with unexpected joy, love, and hope – with a new beginning we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes we need to be unraveled for God to be able to work in and through us.

You are invited to add to this growing piece of community art. Fabric is provided or you might like to bring something of your own (yarn, string, fishing line,..)  You might also like to write onto a strip of fabric. What are your hopes, dreams and prayers? Weave them into the hopes of others from our community.

You’ll find it up on our Church verandah. Open 24/7.
Please make use of the sanitiser provided.
Come back as often as you like!

“This project helps us embody the promise of the great weaver – that our loose ends can be woven into something new, something beautiful.”

Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |