Jools Hamilton visit

Jools Hamilton visit

Rev Dr Julian (Jools) Hamilton is coming to visit us soon!

He’s an Irish preacher, pastor, chaplain. He was the speaker at 2 SAYCOs and he has spoken at lots of NCYCs. Since then he’s gained a Doctorate in Ministry in Missional Leadership through Fuller and he is currently the Methodist Chaplain to Trinity College, Dublin. He’s warm, funny, engaging and has a wonderful Irish accent!
Jools is coming to Australia for The Good Summit
Then he’s heading to Adelaide!

Here are some of his dates while in Adelaide:

21 July 9.30am – Athelstone Uniting Church preacher

21 July 6.30pm – Spirited Sunday speaker

22 July 9.30am – 4pm – a day exploring Missional Church Leadership at Uniting College – $25 (go for either this one day seminar, or as part of a four day intensive course).
You can register for the one day seminar right up until the event. 
More info and register here:

22 July – Evening Retreat for young adults – in their 20s to mid 30s at Athelstone Uniting Church

23 July – 7pm – Jools to join Athelstone Uniting Church Council for first hour

For information about Jools’ visit to Adelaide, contact Rev Linda Driver

More about Jools here: