Triple C’s

Triple C’s

Who, what, is/are triple c’s??


Where?  different coffee establishments in the general area.

Why?  Get to know your fellow man for a laugh, discussion on things general, info on how to make or do something, just a general chat.

How long? Til we get kicked out……..No about 2 hours, including from and return home. Should make getting a leave pass pretty easy!!.      Maybe a cheer or 6!!

Need extra info. or perhaps a lift?       Contact Ray Walter or Bob Stevenson.

Next gathering will be December 11 @ 12.00 noon. “Y”? A bit more than Chaps, Coffee Chat so… Gather at the Paradise Hotel for Lunch. The special is $13.90 for 3 courses, Soup, 1 of 4 mains and an ice cream Sundae or should that be Wednesdae??. I am booking a table for 16 but need to know who will be coming by 04 Dec. please so numbers can be adjusted, and if lifts to the hotel are required. Remember – “Sure you are OK?”.
There will be no meeting in January. Ray & Bob