GP Respiratory and Vaccination Clinic at Athelstone Uniting Church

GP Respiratory and Vaccination Clinic at Athelstone Uniting Church

To make an appointment, call 81662125

Or click on this link for specific information and bookings for COVID tests and vaccinations:

From Monday 3/5 the respiratory clinic will be able to vaccinate everyone over 50!

About the Respiratory Clinic

We are pleased to be in partnership with Medical HQ for the well-being of our local community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a church community we have a heart for connecting with God, our community, our world and each other.  
Connection in these strange times has become even more important.
An opportunity has eventuated through an approach that has been made by Medical HQ, the medical practice that is located in the Athelstone Shopping Centre. We have agreed to make part of our church facility available as a Federal government funded GP Respiratory Clinic for COVID-19 testing. This is part of the Federal government’s call to medical centres throughout Australia to play a part in the strategy to ‘flatten the curve.’  We see this as a wonderful opportunity to offer part of our space for the wellbeing of the community we are called to serve.
This service now includes COVID vaccinations.
We are pleased to be able to partner with Medical HQ as they serve the community in this way.

Click here for more information about GP Respiratory Clinics:

Please direct any enquiries about the Clinic to the Medical HQ Athelstone reception:
Medical HQ Athelstone
320 Gorge Rd, Athelstone South Australia 5076
8336 7333