Newsletter 19th June 2016

Newsletter 19th June 2016

Sunday 19th June 2016

Mission Planning
We will be working together in a Mission Planning workshop on Sunday 26th of June.
We will commence presentations after our worship service. We will have 2 sessions, share in a light lunch together, continue with our conversations and conclude by 2.00pm
Mission Planning seeks to answer 3 critical questions of our congregation:

  1. Who are we? (identity question)
  2. What has God called us to be/do? (purpose question)
  3. Who is our neighbour? (contextual question)

It’s primarily an exercise in spiritual discernment – what is God saying to us about our future?
We look forward to your contribution.  This time will be a mixture of presentations and small group conversations to start us considering these 3 questions.  This is an opportunity for us to explore together what our church could look like.

Moderator’s Pastoral Note – Refugee Week
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ
Refugee Week (19-25 June) and World Refugee Day (20 June) provide opportunities for Australians to celebrate the wonderful contributions made by refugees to our society. They also provide an occasion for us to reflect on the challenges that continue to be faced by refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.
I write to you today to encourage you to consider the contributions made by refugees and asylum seekers, the challenges they face, and how we might respond to these through prayer and action.
The Uniting Church SA has provided a warm welcome to refugees and people seeking asylum through our congregations and faith communities. We have been advocates for compassionate policies toward people seeking asylum. We have peacefully protested against holding children in detention centres.
The National Uniting Church Assembly has similarly supported the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, particularly through the 2015 adoption of the “Shelter from the storm” policy in 2015, and through work with UnitingJustice.
In the lead up to the Federal Election on Saturday July 2, the Uniting Church Assembly has prepared a resource, “A Flourishing Society Federal Election 2016: Your Faith, Your Voice, Your Vote.” It includes a section on “Protecting Refugees and People Seeking Asylum.” This resource invites us “to consider the values which underpin the policies of the political parties and candidates who are asking us to give them the responsibility of national leadership”. I commend this resource to you.
As Christians, the Gospel of Christ calls us to love our neighbours and welcome the stranger.  As Refugee Week begins this Sunday 19 June, I encourage you – as individuals, congregations and faith communities – to prayerfully reflect on ways you may be able to show genuine love and welcome to refugees and asylum seekers.
I also encourage you to consider the stories and actions of three Uniting Church SA communities who have welcomed refugees and asylum seekers in different and loving ways. These stories are shared in the June/July print edition of New Times and are available online.
Please join me in praying for people seeking refuge and asylum in our country, and for all those who are supporting them in finding a safe home here.
Yours in Christ, Deidre Palmer (Moderator), Uniting Church in South Australia

Writing Group
Do you have a passion for Writing?    –    Poetry?    Fiction?    True Stories?    Short Stories?
We would love you to attend our new Athelstone Writing Group.  We will meet once a month and share each other’s work, giving constructive criticism, with the aim of putting up a polished piece in writing competitions.
Our first meeting will be on Thursday 14th July at 7.00 pm at the Church.
Please contact Matthew Barker on 0416 620 913 if you would like to b e involved.
Cans of Food
Cans of Soup, Baked Beans, Casserole type meals, etc. are very welcome!   All donations are delivered to Uniting Communities who in turn distribute them to those in need.   Please leave any contributions at the back of the church.
Wider Church
For news of the wider church in South Australia and beyond please continue to use the link to UC e-news at
Rosters for July, August & September
Thanks to all who have contacted me with your special dates.  I will be making up the rosters next Tuesday or Wednesday, so please contact me ( before then if you have any comments.  Thanks, Gus Robin
Church Garden
Rain, wind or sunny, the church garden party will be going ahead on the last Saturday of the month;  the weeds are growing due to the rain.  All who want to help, be at the church between 9 and 11 am. We appreciate your help.
We Did It!
Congratulations to everyone who assisted with Packing Day(s).
We have sent off 54 packing boxes full of clothes, beanies, rugs, toys, toiletries, jewellery and manchester to 8 communities throughout WA and Northern Territory with goods donated from 21 organisations ranging from as far as
Pt Vincent to our local St Ignatius church.
A huge THANK YOU to the whole team who assisted in so many ways bringing their own expertise to this undertaking.
We had people involved prior to the event attend meetings, sending out information to the wider community and working through some of the logistics.  Then there were the people setting up, unpacking, sorting, discarding, packing and finally addressing, taping, stacking the boxes and cleaning the church.
In addition we had greeters at the door, devotions deliverer, soup makers, sweet makers, kitchen helpers and the ‘rubbish’ controller. (The recycling was so amazing, that there were only 4 boxes of rubbish to be disposed of while the cardboard, bags and excess/unsuitable clothing has all been recycled.)  There were friends who came along to help, and in no time were one of us, providing laughter and fun, not to mention lunch on Monday!
All this work was carried out on behalf of the Uniting Church National and World Mission, South Australia.  The President and Secretary came along to assist with packing and joined us for morning tea on Tuesday where they expressed their thanks to Athelstone UC for taking on the event and noted how calm the room appeared despite the hard work.
I hope everyone can take some delight in thinking of a baby wearing an outfit that you may have folded, a beanie you knitted or a more mature aged care resident being warmed by a rug that you packed.
As we reflected on Tuesday, it’s a real privilege to donate, share fellowship and pass on to others some of the blessings we receive.        With heartfelt Thanks,   Ros
Put this date in your diary  –  Saturday Evening 13th August
Authentic Outback Campfire & BBQ at the home of Michael and Lee O’Connell.
Money raised will help with the purchase of freshwater tanks in Kiribati.    More details to come.


26th June 2016

9.30am 6.00pm
Flowers Sue Richards
Steward(s) & Offering Raelene & Rob Anderson
Notices Brenton Summers
Scripture Reader Noel Maywald
Data Projector Dave
Sound Don Brown
Building Steward Richard Read
Offering Count D Brown/G Robin N Wrede/G Luestner
Tea & Coffee Marie & Frederieke Curtis’
Bakery Run Curtis’

Bible Readings

19th  June  –  1 Kings 19: 1-4, (5-7), 8-15a, Psalm 42 & 43,  Galatians 3:23-29, Luke 8: 26-39
26th  June  –  2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14, Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20  Galatians 5:1, 13-25, Luke 9:51-62

What’s on this Week

Mon 20th
Tue 21st 9.30-11.00 am Stay & Play
9.30 am Book Club (Coffee Shop)
Wed 22nd
Thu 23rd
Fri 24th 10.00 am Friendship Club – Speaker Carole Walter “Antartica”
Sat 25th 7.00 am Men’s Golf (Geoff Heath Golf Club)
Sun 26th 9.30 am & 6.00 pm Church Services

Book Club  –  runs the 1st and 3rd Tuesday 9.30 am at the Athelstone Coffee Shop