Newsletter for 25th November 2018

Newsletter for 25th November 2018




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Sunday 25th November 2018

Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter

A Note from Linda

This Sunday is the last Sunday in the Church calendar. We call it ‘Christ the King Sunday’ or ‘The Reign of Christ’. Ann Phillips will be preaching at our morning service and we’ll head off on a Prayer Walk in the evening.

Last week I shared about the Presbytery and Synod meeting. There is now a very helpful article available on the uniting Church website which explains what is happening with regard to same-gender marriage and the new presbytery. You can read it here:

Blessings, Linda


Sunday Evenings

25 Nov:   Sounds of Silence –   Monthly Prayer Walk for November Walking the Labyrinth at Sophia  Sunday November 25th -5.15pm – Meet at the Labyrinth behind the Sophia Spirituality Centre 225 Cross Road, Cumberland Park, (immediately west of Cabra College)

We will spend some time discovering the Contemplative practice of walking the newly constructed labyrinth in the beautiful gardens of the Sophia Spirituality Centre and then travel back to “the Rezz” for dinner at 7pm


9 Dec: Messy Christmas at 4pm

16 Dec: Spirited Sunday at the Rezz (from 6.30pm) – with guest presenter, Gerald Pederick


Christmas Pageant and Carols:

Next Sunday December 2nd  the City of Campbelltown will once again have a Christmas Parade follow by Carols at Thorndon Park. See their website for more information:
We will join other Christian churches from Campbelltown to march together in the pageant. The Parade will start at 5:15pm from Whites Lane, Newton, and proceed along Stradbroke Road to Thorndon Park. Meet us at the start at 5.00pm so that we can all march together. We encourage you to wear something angelic – even a tinselly halo will look great!  Look out for Linda and Rebecca Purling – and hopefully a small crowd of Christmas angels!

We will also have a segment at the Carols evening which starts at 6:15pm – come along and join in the singing!


Save the  – Date Blue Christmas Service

We will once again hold a Blue Christmas service – for those who find the festivities and joy of Christmas difficult as they remember loved ones sadly missed or are lonely. It will be a joint service with other local Uniting Church, held on Wednesday 19th December at 7.30pm at Campbelltown Uniting Church.

Christmas Angels Project

Last week Linda launched our Christmas Angels Project. We’ll be sharing God’s love and extravagant generosity with our community in public places and community spaces with a Christmas message. This message will be in the form of a surprise free gift of an angel.

This has been inspired by the Christmas Angels project taken on by a number of churches in the UK in recent years.

Everyone is invited to join in by knitting or crocheting angels, donating wool, or recruiting other knitters! Patterns and wool are available through the church office. And no, this does not need to be a ‘girl’ thing! Anyone can learn to knit!

The angels need to be ready by the 16th of December. In our morning service we will have them all out for us to see and will pray for them and commission them. The distribution of angels will take place in the week following.

If you have any questions, ask Linda.  Let’s get knitting! (and crocheting!)


AGM of the Congregation – Today

Our AGM will be held on Sunday the 25th of November at 10:45am
One of the roles of the congregation at this meeting is to elect a number of office bearers for the next 2 years.
We have received the following nominations:

  • Ann Brown for the position as Presbytery and Synod representative
  • Ann Brown, Di Curtis and Robyn Fry for positions on Church Council (previously held by Di Curtis, David Riggall, Michael O’Connell and Victoria Pederick).

The other members of church council who still have another year remaining of their current term are Chris Pritchard, Eric Hurrell, Bob Stevenson, Glen Luestner and Jeff Dry.

Please prayerfully consider your support for these nominees leading up to our AGM.


Thank you and Christmas is coming…

On behalf of Uniting Communities Eastern Services, I would like to sincerely thank the Athelstone Uniting Church congregation for the generous donations of food during the 2018 winter period. During that time the value of food items donated exceeded $1200.00. That is a lot of soup, baked beans and spaghetti and other food items.


With Christmas now approaching, it is a time to remember those members of our community who are less fortunate. To assist them at this time of the year, the Uniting Communities Eastern Services is seeking ongoing support of its annual Christmas Appeal. To prepare 150 Christmas Hampers, food items with a “Christmas theme” are being sought.


These items for the hampers may include Christmas puddings, cakes, fruit mince pies, long life custard, canned ham etc. Monetary donations will also be greatly accepted and used to purchase such items.

For more information contact Brenton Summers


Wider Mission  Advent/Christmas Focus

Members of our congregation  are invited to two innovative ways of sharing the generous love of God experienced through Jesus during this Advent/Christmas season:  donating to the Christmas Bowl Appeal  or buying a gift of love for our global neighbours through the Tear Fund’s Useful Gifts catalogue .


By sharing God’s love through the Christmas Bowl we are helping to provide food, shelter and support to families in need in some of the most impoverished circumstances.

From next Sunday special envelopes will be available in the porch in which you may place your gift and send it to Act for Peace or place it in the offering bag between now and the end of December and it will be forwarded on.

Alternatively there will be opportunities to give to the Bowl at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.

Tear’s Useful Gifts Catalogue is built upon the belief that we can all practice generosity as an act of love to our global neighbours.

Don and Brian will be available at the Tear Fund desk with catalogues and gift cards  from December 2.



Of late… there have been some “gremlins in the facility”  so we are returning to the “old ways”  this means if you need to get into the admin area for any reason after hours you will need to remember to bring your keys.  All doors will be dead locked for security purposes… if you unlock a door, please remember to lock it again as you leave.

When you visit the facility, please be careful re-alarming the property… make sure no one else is around in either the main building or top hall before you set the alarm on your way out.

If you use the small under counter bins for food and other scraps please empty them before you leave as well as emptying the larger rubbish bin after every event.

When using the dishwasher, please follow the directions posted on the wall and don’t forget to clean it out.  If you are not sure, let me know and I will organise a quick “how to” for you.

With Love to the World  –The latest edition has arrived – it started on the 5th November. Please pick up your copy in the church main foyer – there will be, as usual, an envelope attached in which you may place your payment in the offering bowl.

We have ordered an extra few copies if you would like have a devotional resource over the next 3 months.

It’s not too late!  The cost is $5.00.                                                                              Thank you – Sharyn


Electronic Giving – Forms are available or speak to Treasurer Glen Luestner for more information.


Pastoral care – Please contact a member of our Pastoral Care Oversight Team for assistance:

Rev Linda Driver 0458 500 656 Bob Stevenson 0400 641 242

Brenton Summers 0400 632 829 Ann Brown 0413 581 554


Prayer Requests – Can we support you in prayer? Here’s how:

Prayer Chain – send an email to, or call Brenton Summers, who will pass your prayer request on to a group of people who faithfully pray in response to Prayer Chain emails.

Confidential Prayers – if the issue is more personal you are invited to contact Linda for individual prayer or one the members of the Pastoral Care Oversight team (Brenton Summers, Ann Brown, Bob Stevenson and Linda). All prayer requests going to the team will be kept strictly confidential within this team.

Prayers for Others (Sunday Worship) – Linda provides our Worship Leaders with prayer points as appropriate. Prayer points are also sourced from the Prayer Chain. If you have something you would like to be included in Prayers for Others, please contact Linda. “We are all called to pray for one another, and so we are all encouraged to offer to pray for, or with others, especially if they share a concern with you.” (James 5:13-16


Wider Church News- Please use the link to UC e-news at


Website – We encourage you to visit our website:


Newsletter contributions – Please email by 5pm Wed.


Lectionary readings

25th November – 2 Samuel 23: 1-7, Psalm 132:1-12, Rev: 1: 4b-8, John 18: 33-37

2nd December – Jeremiah 33:14-16 Psalm 25:1-10 1Thessallonians 3:9-13 Luke 21:25-36


  25th November                           2ND December
Preacher Ann Phillips Linda
Worship Leader Jeff Di
Singers Janet/Allan/Lyndon Jeanine/Ann B/Allan
Keyboard Shelley Di
Guitar Chris/Scott Shelley/Dave
Data Projector Dave Samantha
Flowers Ruth H Di
Door Stewards & Offering Jenny & David R Janet & Howard J
Notices Paul Don B
Scripture Reader Jai West Friederike A/W
Offering Count David W & Ray W Don B & Gus R
Tea & Coffee Jayne & Lynton N Marie H & Friederike
Sound Noel M Tara
Building Steward Eric H Eric Hurrell


What’s on   26th – 2nd December

Monday 4.45 – 6.45pm Waratah Calisthenics College Auditorium
Tuesday 9.30 – 11.30am Pilates Top Hall
  10.00-11.00am U3A – Yoga Auditorium
  6.30-7.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Thursday 5.30-6.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Friday 10.00-12.00pm Friendship Club Auditorium
Saturday 8.00am -6.30pm Adrian Hookway Music School Auditorium
  9.30-11.30am Pilates Top Hall
Sunday 9.30am Worship Auditorium
  5.00pm Pageant & Carols Thorndon Park