Newsletter for 3rd June 2018

Newsletter for 3rd June 2018





Sunday 3 June 2018
Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter
A Note from Linda
This Sunday marks the end of National Reconciliation Week.  This week all Australians have been invited to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories.
Let us acknowledge that “this is God’s Land.  Many have gone before who have honoured God by caring for the Land, in the ways they have lived and in the stories they have shared.  We give thanks for the Kaurna people, who have held as sacred the duty of protecting the Land and living in harmony with it.  May God honour and bless them – now and to eternity.” (C) 2017, A.Koh-Butler
Blessings, Linda
Reconciliation Week
The Week of Prayer for Reconciliation and National Reconciliation Week (NRW) are held each year between 27 May and 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey—the anniversaries of the successful 1967 referendum and the Mabo decision.
Visit for more information.
The Pilgrimage of Healing is run annually during Reconciliation week by the Covenanting team in Mission Resourcing. Each year, the campaign focuses on a different project within the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (Congress) in South Australia. This year the fundraising effort will go towards helping the Oodnadatta community to build their own church. The Oodnadatta Faith Community has worshipped at the open air church ground under the sun and stars for nearly 10 years. They have a dream to build a multi-purpose church to use for regular worship and ministry. Draft plans are being prepared for the building. Your support can help turn their dreams into reality. Donations for the Pilgrimage of Healing can be made to: Oodnadatta Building Fund. BSB 704095 Account Number 193668
Guest Preacher and Lunch
Our guest preacher on Sunday June 24 at our 9.30am worship service, will be Mike Rayson. The Rev’d Mike Rayson is a United Methodist Minister, serving Nameoki United Methodist Church in Granite City, Illinois (USA) as their Senior Pastor. Originally from Australia, Mike immigrated to the United States in 2005.
His music has won countless awards and accolades across the globe.  He will be travelling with a group of 9 from his home church. Let’s make them all welcome with a shared lunch!  So please consider whether you can bring a plate of savoury or dessert to share, then let Victoria know what you will be bringing. (
or 0488-391-007)
40 Days of Prayer and Action
President-elect Dr Deidre Palmer has called all Uniting Church members into 40 days of prayer and action leading up to the 15th Triennial Assembly meeting in July. “We offer these prayers to you recognising that there will be many words flooding over us all as we prepare to go on this journey together”. Find the prayers here:
No Sunday evening service on June 10
Please note that on Sunday (June 10) we will not have an evening service as many of ‘us’ will be going away for the long weekend.
Church Rosters for July, August & September
Once again it is rosters time.  So if you have special dates to consider in the above months please contact Gus Robin, either direct, by phone 8337 0011 or by email
Thanks again to all who volunteer for these rosters.
Spirited Sunday
Next Spirited Sunday is 17th June at 6.30pm with speaker Andrew Robertson.
News from Church Council
Church Council meets once a month on the third Tuesday.  As always, our May agenda had many matters and therefore only a few of the most significant items are outlined here.
Ø  The Church Finances are tracking generally to budget assisted greatly by your weekly contributions and the use of electronic debiting for weekly offerings.
Ø  The Council’s Mid Year Review is now scheduled for the July meeting and we request your prayers for careful discernment and any suggestions on matters that should be considered.
Ø  The Council is continuing to develop teams in areas like outreach, worship, pastoral care, property and wider mission to further the Mission Priorities of the congregation.  If you have an interest or feel a ‘calling’ in these areas, please speak to Linda or a Church Council member.
Ø  Church Council has set the date of the Athelstone Spring Fair as Saturday the 3rd of November.  Please put the date in your diaries and consider what you can do to contribute to this year’s fair.
As always, please speak to a Church Council member if you want further information or wish to raise an issue for consideration.
Man What a Meal  – 23 June
This free cooking program for men over 50, will teach you how to cook a range of simple, healthy and delicious meals over the 5 week program. Funded by the Office of the Ageing, Grants for Seniors
Starts on Sat 23rd June 2018  10am-12.30pm (includes lunch)
Dernancourt Uniting Church, 1 Vingara Drive, Dernancourt – To register contact Lisa 0400 790 438
Packing Day 3-5 June
Besides clothing, the following items are also required:

  • Manchester – blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, face washers, tea towels, washable curtains, bedspreads
  • Toys
  • Toiletries
  • Books & magazines – adults and children, colouring in books
  • Sewing aids – no fabric
  • Items for the Old Timer’s Fete in Alice Springs – all goods need to be of excellent quality, new (handmade or manufactured) – toys, jewellery, bathroom goods, crocheted blankets, aprons, Manchester, kitchen equipment, bric-a-brac

Items can be left at the back of the Church or you can bring them in on Sunday June 3 or Monday June 4.
Thank you to all the people who have offered to help with the catering requirements of Packing Day. Providing hospitality to all our volunteers is a vital aspect of  the Packing Day experience.
Also special thanks to Lee O’Connell who has volunteered to co-ordinate the catering on Sunday June 3.
We now need someone who is prepared to co-ordinate on Monday and Tuesday. Please let me know if you are able to help in this way.               Jayne Nicholas  0418836266
ToFs in June
We will be assisting with Packing Day this Tuesday, June 5th.
Be at the church any time from 9.30am to help sort and pack clothes and goods for communities in northern Australia and to join others for fellowship over morning tea.    Everyone welcome!
        Housekeeping Update
Office hours will change back to Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-12.30pm from this week.
Thank you to David Riggall for arranging a freezer for catering use.  This has been placed in the store-room
adjacent to the auditorium and is now ready for use.
Thank you also to Mike O’Connell and Trevor Curtis for attending to some essential property issues
at very short notice.    Sharyn
Stay & Play Playgroup
Last session in Term 2   –   5th June
Due to several of our helpers travelling in June, Stay and Play will not operate after the 5th June.
We will recommence in Term 3 on 31st July.
We currently have a full enrolment of 25 with 6 children on the waiting list, so new helpers on the team are always welcome.  Maybe someone would like to start a new group so we can continue our outreach in this area.    Bruce and Joy Stewart  Phone: 83362671
Wirra Words of the Week
To encourage children to explore smaller areas of the Wirra, some minor paths of cut logs, sandbags and slate, lead children on “detours” from the Activity Space to the main central path.  In addition, we sometimes use temporary paths of straw matting and empty sandbags to lead children to specific spaces or activities.  It is a delight to watch how children become intensely focussed on these smaller paths, building their confidence as they leave the stability of the main path to master the varying textures and shapes of these detours. Children will often repeat these new found gross motor skills by creating their own circular routes through the Wirra utilising these minor paths.   Joy
…from sandbags to logs                            …..from main path along the slate          ……..straw matting
Update on Operation Christmas Child
On Saturday 12th May, I had the privilege of hosting the regional project leader’s meeting for OCC at Athelstone church. The message was simple: Eccles 3 – A season for everything.
We are all commissioned to deliver the good news to all nations. While we cannot all physically go, this small shoebox is an opportunity to introduce a child to Jesus. Your box is God’s gift to that child. The process is the same whichever country the boxes go to.Last year our boxes went to Madagascar, Thailand and the Philippines.
This year they could go anywhere as the boxes will be distributed with a world view rather than a regional one.
Please keep the members and leaders of the SA and NT project team in your prayers. I hope you have already started collecting things to put in your boxes. It is never too early to start. Can I suggest that you think about the teenagers this year? It is always easy to prepare for the 5 – 10 year old girls but there is a need for the older children too!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need more information. Blessings to you all, Friederike
Uniting Communities Eastern Services
The cold winter months are with us and for many years now, the Athelstone UC congregation have been great supporters of the Uniting Communities Eastern Services office at Beulah Park by providing tinned food for distribution for those in need.  Suitable food items include tins and packets of soup, “chunky” type meals, baked beans, spaghetti and other tinned meals.  Other items including cereals, pasta and pasta sauce, and tinned vegetables are also welcome.  Please place any items on the table inside the Church and I will ensure that they are collected and taken to the Uniting Communities office.                                                 Thanks,   Brenton Summers
Uniting Church Assembly – Melbourne 8-14 July
Please keep the upcoming 15th Triennial Meeting of the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly in your prayers. It will be held in Melbourne from 8-14 July, 2018. To find out more about what is on the agenda, go to the Assembly website here It includes reports relating to marriage and the Royal Commission.
Noticeboard – Please check the notice board at the back of the church
Wider Church – Please continue to use the link to UC e-news at
Electronic Giving –  Forms are available or speak to Treasurer Glen Luestner for more information.
Website –  We encourage you to visit our website.
We hope you will find interesting information about us there, and by visiting, you help make our Website  easier to find through Google.
Lectionary readings
3rd June  – 1 Sm 3:1-10 (11-20); Psalm 139:1-6,13-18; 2 Cor 4:5-12; Mark 2:23-3:6
10th June – 1 Sm 8:4-11 (12-15) 16-20 (11:14-15), Psalm 138; 2 Cor 4:13-5:1, Mark 3:20-35

  3rd June 10th  June
Preacher Linda Driver Linda  Driver
Worship Leader Lyndon R Ann P
Scripture Reader David Walker Ray Walter
Keyboard Shelley Di
Singers Di/Ruth/Lynton N Meg/Lyndon R/Sylvia
Guitar Chris / Grant Dave / Shelley
Flowers Ruth Henderson Sue Richards
Data Projector Dave Samantha
Sound Noel Maywald Tara Shirlock
Door Stewards & Offering Ann / David Tubb Crisi / Sam George
Tea & Coffee Crisi / Sam Jayne / Lynton
Notices Sylvia Maywald Sylvia Maywald
Communion   Barbara/Eric/Crisi/Sam
Offering Count Sylvia M / Lynton N Don B / Ray W
Building Steward Eric Hurrell Richard Read

What’s on this Week   (3rd – 10th June)

Monday 9am – 4pm PACKING DAY Auditorium
  4.45-6.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club Top Hall
Tuesday 9am – 4pm PACKING DAY Auditorium
  9.15-11.15 am Pilates Top Hall
  10 – 11.30am Stay & Play Playgroup Lower Hall/Decking
  9.30 am TOFS at Church for Packing Day Auditorium
  6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat  (Stretch&Balance) Top Hall
Wednesday 6.30–8.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club Auditorium
  6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Circuit) Top Hall
Thursday 5.30-6.30 pm Reach your Feat  (Stretch&Balance) Top Hall
Friday 9.15 – 11.15 am Pilates Top Hall
  10 -11am Waratah Calisthenics Club Auditorium
Saturday 9.15-11.15 am Pilates Top Hall
  10-11am Waratah Calisthenics Club Auditorium
Sunday 9.30 am Worship Service Auditorium
    No Evening Service  Long weekend