Newsletter for 4th February 2018

Newsletter for 4th February 2018





Sunday, 4th February 2018
Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter
A Note from Linda
I’m back! And I’m looking forward to seeing you all and hearing your news as I settle back in after a month away.
As you may have heard, this month was mostly spent moving in to the manse.  It was a challenging time as we left behind fond memories, threw away lots of clutter and packed and packed and packed.  Then there was the unpacking and finding a place for everything!    And all of this in a particularly hot month.  Phew!
Paul and I would both like to express our grateful thanks to all who worked so hard to prepare the manse for our arrival.  In particular, we want to thank David Riggall and Jeanine Dry for coordinating the work and for the way they included us so warmly as they chose colours and floor coverings and so on.  Thank you to all those who helped in so many ways to prepare the house and garden and to those who provided us with support and meals for our first days. Thank you everyone!
When I played around with the theme of ‘Son-drenched Summer’, I hadn’t quite imagined that our summer would be this hot and that we would be as ‘drenched’ as we were!  There is a difference though in being drenched in the summer sun and being drenched in the love and grace of God, revealed in Jesus.  I can’t get enough of that!  So, as we continue our summer series, let’s be like sunflowers, following the light of the sun, reflecting God’s beauty and wonder wherever we find ourselves this week.
Blessings,  Linda
Please note that Linda’s ministry days have changed.  She is now available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.   It’s always a good idea to call ahead if you’re planning to pop in to the church office to see her.
Church Council
The first meeting of the Church Council for 2018 was held on Tuesday night with a focus on organisational matters so as to meet obligations of the Uniting Church Regulations and to give a solid foundation for the year ahead. The main items were:

  • Office bearers elected (re-elected): Victoria Pederick as Chairperson, Michael O’Connell as Secretary, and Glen Luestner as Treasurer.
  • An ‘Executive Group’, comprising Victoria, Linda, Mike and Glen, was established to assist and advise the Council, expeditiously address administrative and operational matters.
  • Foreshadowed Portfolio Teams
  • Agreed on protocols relating to communications and confidentiality, and
  • Considered interim office arrangements while Sharyn is on sick leave.

Last year was significant in many ways including the selection and appointment of the new Minister, addressing financial issues and renovating the Manse property. Church Council looks forward to the year ahead as one of increased discipleship, spiritual growth and service according to God’s call. Your ongoing support and involvement is essential in this mission.
Please speak with Church Council members for further information.
Interim Office Arrangements
Sharyn, our much loved and efficient Office Administrator, is taking extended leave to recover from surgery to address a long standing shoulder injury.  Sharyn will be away for about 6 weeks, commencing Friday 9 February, and will be greatly missed during this time.  We pray for her successful operation and speedy recovery.
Church Council is proposing that the Church Office remain open two mornings a week and is seeking volunteers to staff the office during this time.  A pared down version of the duties required to keep the office going has been compiled by Sharyn, and we hope to begin sorting out a volunteer schedule in the coming days.  Please, if you can spare a few hours and staff the office, advise Sharyn, Victoria, Mike or Linda.
With Love to the World
The new edition of this devotional resource has been delivered.  If you would like to try this excellent resource we have ordered extra copies just for you!  The cost is $5 and there is an envelope ready for your money.  Easy!!   If you are a regular user, please find your copy in the foyer ready to pick up with an envelope for your reimbursement attached.   In both cases the envelope can be placed in the offering for your convenience.
ToFs will be meeting this Tuesday, 6th February in a coffee shop called
The Five Little Figs,  52 Devitt Ave, Payneham South SA 5070.
We will book for 2.30 pm, so will plan to leave the church at 2.00 pm, or if you choose, please make your own way there.   Following some discussion, we would like to invite spouses, partners and friends along to all our gatherings, so please spread the word.
As this will increase our numbers, we ask that you reply each month, so we can book accordingly.
Ros Howland – 0421 040 526  –
Jenny Riggall – 0438 848 112  –
Come and join us with your preschoolers and babies on alternate Tuesdays
(even weeks of school term) from 10-00a.m. to 11-30 a.m. at
Athelstone Uniting Church, corner Fox Avenue & Kantilla Drive
DATES for 2018 – Term 1 – 6th February, 20th February, 6th March, 20th March, 3rd April
With a likely enrolment of 20 children to start this year, we would appreciate some extra helpers.  We thank Crisi for her long commitment and will miss her cheerful smile.  If anyone feels they have skills of furniture moving, adult counseling, cutting fruit, washing dishes or a desire to work with preschoolers, please come and join the team “on deck” for Stay and Play.  You will be very welcome between 9-00am and 12 noon, even if it is only for part of the session.  Police checks can be arranged through Sharyn in the office. We are looking forward to another great year so come and join us.       Bruce and Joy Stewart  Phone: 83362671 or Email:
Wirra Words of the Week
In keeping with Wal Bushman’s quote that “wirra reflects nature”, last year we explored some of the plants in the wirra.  In 2018 I will share some of the spaces of wakwakurnaku wirra and how they are being used.  As most of you know, this is Kaurna for children’s forest and so spaces are being designed to encourage children to explore and play in as natural a space as possible.  As children play and engage with the environment, they learn to show respect for natural boundaries.  Consequently, trees, shrubs, grasses, logs and rocks all play a role in defining the safe spaces and boundary limits for play. Wooden figures of active children, cut out by the Community Shed, reflect the natural shadows cast by people and are creatively utilised as a boundary along the public footpath  The Kaurna words will be added to this and will provide an inclusive invitation to all to enjoy this natural space in their community. Joy Stewart
Wider Church – Please continue to use the link to UC e-news at
Noticeboard – Please continue to check the notice board for the times of upcoming events.
Lectionary readings
4th February – Isaiah 40:21-31, Psalm 147:1-11, 20c,  1 Corinthians 9:16-23,  Mark 1:29-39
11th February –2 Kings 2:1-12, Psalm 50:1-6, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6, Mark 9:2-9
Roster for 11th February 2018

9.30 am 6.30 pm
Flowers Raelene Anderson
Steward(s) & Offering Winsome & Brian Ball
Notices Sylvia Maywald
Scripture Reader Ann Tubb
Offering Count S George/G Robin
Tea & Coffee Jenny & David Riggall
Sound Tara Shirlock
Worship Leader Meg
Singers Lynton/Allan/Janet
Keyboard Shelley
Guitar Chris/Dave
Data Projector Meg
Building Steward Richard Read

Electronic Giving
Application forms are available on the table in the Church foyer for anyone interested in regular electronic giving or speak to the Treasurer Glen Luestner.
What’s on this Week   (5th-11th February 2018)
Monday               4.45-6.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium)
Tuesday               9.00 am Book Club (Coffee Shop), Stay & Play 10.00-11.30am (Lower Hall & Decking)
10.00-11.00 am U3A Yoga (Auditorium),  2.00 pm Tofs,  5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Wednesday        6.00-8.00 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium),   6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Thursday             5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Friday                    10.00-12.00 Friendship Club – “Ping Pong Pots”
Saturday              10.00-11.00 am Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium)
Sunday                 9.30 am Church Service,  6.30 pm Evening Service (Chapel)