Newsletter for Sunday 12th March 2017

Newsletter for Sunday 12th March 2017



Sunday 12th March 2017

“Jesus the Peacemaker “
In South Sudan, ordinary people have been caught up in violence based very much on what tribal group they belong to.
The peace they wish for is more than the passing of the peace that we often engage in at worship.  It is longed for, dreamed of, prayed for on the streets. Without it hundreds of thousands of people are at risk – either directly in conflict, or from the poverty
and starvation that comes from a crippled economy.
Uniting World is supporting the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan as they care for people who are deeply traumatised, teach reconciliation and forgiveness and lead public advocacy and hold politicians to the peace process.
As one of their minister’s said recently   “Almost everyone in my country has been born in war, lives in war, breathes war. But we have a vision of peace
Please hold the people of South Sudan in your prayers this week and put aside some money to support them through Lent Event.  One of the ways we can do this is by putting a donation in the Lent Event tin each Sunday during Lent when we get our tea or coffee and a bite to eat.
This Lent, be part of God’s mission.  Sign up for ”Bread for the Road “ – reflections, ideas for action and videos straight to your inbox. Find out more at :
Friendship Club
Friday 10th March, 10 am in the Church – Games – “ping pong pots”
Friday 17th March , 10.00 am in the Church – Speakers – Neil and Pam Perkins

Church Garden Working Bee    18th March, 9-11am

There is a garden working bee on the 3rd Saturday of each month .  All welcome.   Lyndon

Stay and Play Playgroup

From 9-30 a.m. to 11-00 a.m. at Athelstone Uniting Church, corner Fox Ave  & Kantilla Dve
Term 1                  21st March          4th April
Term 2                  9th May               23rd May            6th June               20th June            4th July
join us.                                                  Bruce & Joy Stewart  Phone: 83362671 or Email:
Sounds of Silence –Lenten Retreat: a Day of Contemplation, Prayer and Sharing. “Barefoot Walkabout Take off your shoes… this is holy ground.  On Saturday April 1st 9.30-2.00pm.  Lunch 12.15-1.15pm (provided) Cost: $5 Register:  Lee O’Connell
Wirra Words of the Week
“A garden requires many resources (water, fertilizer, fuel, poisons etc).
Wirra uses minimum resources”   Wal bushman
Did you catch the blooms of the Garland Lilies under the yarn bombed gums in
wakwakurnaku wirra ? Only the seed heads are left now.
There was also a display of them at Wadmore Park, pulyonna wirra
The following information was gleaned from “Releaf”, the quarterly newsletter from Trees for Life.  Pretty Garland Lily – once common.  Garland Lilies (Calostemma purpureum) were once common in large colonies in grassy areas of SA, in particular the plain on which Adelaide now stands.  Due to urbanization and grazing, the Garland Lily is now rare, only occurring in small pockets in parks on the outskirts of the city.  It often flowers in a leafless state, the narrow, shining green, strap-like leaves usually preceding flowering and reach a length of 25-30cms.  The flowers are purple-pink in colour forming in an umbel of 5-10 showy flowers.  A great butterfly nectar food plant too!             Joy and Bruce Stewart
Wider Church – Please continue to use the link to UC e-news at

Bible Readings

12th March – Genesis 12:1-4a,  Psalms 121,  Romans 4:1-5, 13-17,  John 3:1-17 or Matthew 17:1-9
19th March – Exodus 17: 1-7, Psalm 95, Romans 5: 1-11, John 4: 5-42

Roster for 19th March 2017

  9.30am 6.00pm
Flowers Sue Richards  
Steward(s) & Offering Jan & Gus Robin  
Notices Sylvia Maywald  
Scripture Reader David Walker  
Data Projector Samantha  
Sound Tara Shirlock  
Building Steward Richard Read  
Offering Count G Robin & G Jennings D Mullins & G Luestner
Tea & Coffee Winsome & Brian Ball  


What’s on this Week   (13th  – 19th March)

Monday               4.45-6.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium)
Tuesday               10.00-11.00 am U3A Yoga (Auditorium) 5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
7.00 – 10.00pm Rotary (Chapel)
Wednesday        6.00-8.00 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium),
6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Thursday             5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Friday                    10.00-12.00 Friendship Club  (Auditorium)
Saturday              10.00-11.00 am Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium) 9.00-11.00am Garden working bee
Sunday                 9.30 am Church Service                      6 pm Church Service