Newsletter for Sunday 14th October 2018

Newsletter for Sunday 14th October 2018






Sunday 14th October 2018


Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter


A Note from Linda

This week we will continue our focus on prayer.  We’ll return to the Psalms and wrestle with the topic of how to pray when we feel like God isn’t listening.   I hope you’ll join us!

Blessings,  Linda


Spirited Sunday at the Rezz

Join us at at 6.30pm at The Rezz 20 Hamilton Tce Newton in the alfesco area for dinner or just a drink  – our Speaker is Matthew Barker.  See you there!


Office News

The Church Administration Office will be closed next Thursday 18th October – Linda and Sharyn will be at the Global Leadership Summit.  The electronic newsletter will be sent out on Saturday for that week only.

Please notify the office of any changes to you contact details in our printed Directory, we would like to have an up to date version available at the Congregation AGM on November 25th.  Sharyn


Spring Fair – 3rd November – 8am – 1pm


Only 3 weeks to our Spring Fair and I hope everyone is looking forward to the day and being involved in

some way. As always we will have a variety of stalls and assistance would be appreciated for the following.


Plant Stall Donations of plants and garden items are required.  Names of plants and prices attached would

be appreciated.  Please see Lyndon Rowe & Brian Ball


Cake StallDonations of cakes, biscuits, and ready-made meals, also gluten-free items would be much appreciated.  Please list all ingredients on goods with attractive packaging.

Thank you – Ann Brown


Devonshire Tea – Freshly baked Scones, and donations of jam, cream & milk would be appreciated.  Please see Robyn Stevenson & Janet Armstrong


Clothes stall – Donations of good quality clothes, hats, and accessories are required and Coralie Summers would be happy to receive these by Thursday night, 1st November ready to display in church.


Open mic – New name for the busking this year and please see Grant Burton if you would like to participate in the outdoor entertainment.


Children’s Wirra Garden Programme – Bruce and Joy would love to have a few extra volunteers to assist them in the Wirra Programme on the day. Theme is “Blue skies and Butterflies”.  Look for the butterflies that are starting to appear in the Wirra.


For all enquiries regarding The Spring Fair – please see Di Curtis (0419-862-606)


Kiribati Water Conservation Project Exceeds  Target

The Wider Mission committee wishes to thank all those who supported the Kiribati fresh water project. in this, the final year of our 3 years commitment to the program.   Our target figure was $2,500  and we received a wonderful $3,100 from the Pacific Inspired Meal and from donations during August.  This means that over $8,000 will be available for implementing a reliable way of collecting ,storing and providing  fresh water for the people on the island of Arorae, Kiribati over the foreseeable future.  It is anticipated that the program will be underway early next year and will be supervised by the Kiribati Uniting Church.


Operation Christmas Child!

Recently TOFs put together 22 shoeboxes – any donations towards the cost of postage for these will be very welcome.

For anyone making up a shoebox these are the suggested priorities for the most useful items with boy/girl in mind:

Education                            exercise book, 1 or 2 lead pencils, eraser, coloured pencils, pencil bag

Health                                  toothbrush, facecloth, comb/brush

Clothing                               skirt or shorts, polo or t-shirt

Item for Play                      ball, skipping rope, car

Soft toy/something to cuddle                    bear, doll, koala, kangaroo, animal glove puppet

Special                 carry/shoulder bag, beanie, hat or cap, sparkly necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, ribbons, sunglasses, magnifying glass, work tool (small wrench), whistle, flute or mouth organ, jumbo chalk – 3 or 4 in a snap-lock bag.                                                                                                                Blessings to you all, Friederike



Eleven ladies attended our second gathering at Indigo Coffee Shop, more knitted angels and butterflies appeared too.  It was decided to continue meeting at that venue every second and fourth Thursday at 3.00pm from Thursday 25th October.  Please think about a neighbor or friend who you would like to invite.


A superb concert of Christmas Music,

By the superb Metropolitan Male Choir of SA (featuring 3 of our congregation!)  In a superb venue.

Saturday December 8, 7.30pm, Elder Hall.  Tickets  available from Lynton @ $25 during October,  Ph 0438 565 021



Electronic Giving –  Forms are available or speak to Treasurer Glen Luestner for more information.


Pastoral care –  Please contact a member of our Pastoral Care Oversight Team for assistance:

Rev Linda Driver 0458 500 656                     Bob Stevenson 0400 641 242

Brenton Summers 0400 632 829 Ann Brown 0413 581 554


Prayer Requests  –  Can we support you in prayer? Here’s how:

Prayer Chain – send an email to, or call Brenton Summers, who will pass your prayer request on to a group of people who faithfully pray in response to Prayer Chain emails.

Confidential Prayers – if the issue is more personal you are invited to contact Linda for individual prayer
or one the members of the Pastoral Care Oversight team (Brenton Summers, Ann Brown, Bob Stevenson and Linda). All prayer requests going to the team will be kept strictly confidential within this team.

Prayers for Others (Sunday Worship) – Linda provides our Worship Leaders with prayer points as appropriate. Prayer points are also sourced from the Prayer Chain. If you have something you would like to be included in Prayers for Others, please contact Linda.  “We are all called to pray for one another, and so we are all encouraged to offer to pray for, or with others, especially if they share a concern with you.” (James 5:13-16


Wider Church News- Please use the link to UC e-news at


Neighbourhood Event – Dernancourt Uniting Church Fete and Auction on Saturday 20th October  – 9.00-1.00pm 1 Vingara Drive Dernancourt


Website –  We encourage you to visit our website:


Newsletter contributions – Please email by 5pm Wed.


Lectionary readings

14th October – Job 23:1-9, 16-17;  Psalm 22:1-15;  Hebrews 4:12-16,  Mark 10:17-31

Additional readings for this week; Psalm 139:1-12; 23-24



  14th October 21st October
Preacher Linda Linda
Worship Leader Lyndon R Jeff  D
Singers Janet/Ann B/Lynton N Jeanine/ Robyn/Bob
Keyboard Di Shelley
Guitar Scott/Shelley Chris/Dave
Data Projector Dave Samantha
Flowers Di Curtis Ruth Henderson
Door Stewards & Offering Jan & Gus Sheralyn & Pat
Notices Don Brenton
Scripture Reader Sylvia David W
Offering Count Sylvia/Gus Friederike & David W
Tea & Coffee Winsome & Brian Sylvia & Noel
Sound Don Noel
Building Steward Richard Read Noel Maywald
Communion Ray, Sheralyn, Louise& Graham  


What’s on this Week   (15th – 20th  October)

Monday 4.45-6.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics College Auditorium
Tuesday 9.30-11.15 am Pilates Top Hall
  9.30 – 10.30am Book Club Indigo Coffee Shop
  10.00 – 1.00am U3A Yoga Auditorium
  6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat  (Stretch & Balance) Top Hall
Wednesday 6.00-8.00 pm Waratah Calisthenics College Auditorium
  6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Circuit) Top Hall
Thursday 5.30-6.30 pm Reach your Feat  (Stretch & Balance) Top Hall
Friday 10.00-2.00noon Friendship Club – (Chat & Chew) Auditorium
Saturday 10.00-11.00 am Waratah Calisthenics College Auditorium
  9.30-10.30 am Pilates Top Hall
  10.30-11.30 am Pilates Top Hall
Sunday 9.30 am Worship Service Auditorium
  6.00 pm Spirited Sunday The Rezz