Newsletter for Sunday 16th April 2017

Newsletter for Sunday 16th April 2017



Sunday 16th April 2017

Easter Services
The times are as follows:
Maundy Thursday           (13th April) 7:30pm
Good Friday                       (14th April) 9:30am
Easter Sunday                   (16th April) 9:30am
Please bring your Lent Event offering to our service on Good Friday.   Otherwise your gift may be received until the end of April.     Every donation will support our Partner Churches in their essential ministry among needy people.
You may already have given to support this urgent request through other organisations.   If you haven’t and wish to do so through Act for Peace there are envelopes available in the porch.   Your gift will save lives.
Sunday Evening Service
Sunday 6.00pm service is currently having a short break and will recommence on Sunday 30th April.
A small group will continue to meet for a coffee.    Please contact Di Curtis (0419-862-606) for further details.
Police clearances are a good way of keeping us all safe.  If you have received a updated clearance recently, please give a copy to the office for our records.   Sharyn
ToFs  –  Tuesday May 6th we will be visiting the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum
This includes a blacksmith demo by Fred Schmaal, a tour over the museum and gardens and afternoon tea provided by the volunteers.   All ladies, friends, partners and members of our congregation are welcome.
Cost $10.00 includes entrance fee and afternoon tea.   For further details contact Ros Howland & Jenny Riggall
Friendship Club – In recess for school holidays
Wider Church – Please continue to use the link to UC e-news at
Check out the flyers on the Church Notice board, advertising various events coming up, e.g. National Uniting Church History Conference in June, Bible College Open Night 18th May, etc. – Have a Look!

Stay and Play Playgroup

10.00 to 11.30 am (please note change of time) at Athelstone Uniting Church, corner Fox Avenue & Kantilla Drive.
Term 2                  9th May               23rd May            6th June               20th June            4th July
Bruce & Joy Stewart  Phone: 83362671 or Email:

Wirra Words of the Week

“The plants of a garden must always look their best, so water and fertilizer must be applied regularly.
The plants of a wirra look as they do in nature, reflecting its seasons.”   Wal Bushman
Have you noticed that many of the grasses in the wirra have finished seeding?  The straw coloured seed heads catch the afternoon light like “sun on the stubble”.  The new, lush growth is multiplying and many little seedlings are taking hold.
You will find several different grasses in our wirra, including Cymbopogon ambiguus (lemon grass).
David Farrelly provided this information in his booklet “Athelstone Uniting Church Native Garden Guide”, of which Sharyn in the office has a copy.
“It is a summer active grass that forms a tussock to approximately 90cm high.  Leaves are narrow, blue green and when crushed have a lemon fragrance.  Fluffy seed heads are on long spikes from early to late summer.”
Joy and Bruce Stewart                                                                                                                   Cymbopogon ambiguus seed head
Bible Readings
16th April – Acts 10:34-43, Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24, Colossians 3: 1-4, John 20: 1-18
23rd April –  Acts 2:14a, 22-32,  Psalm 16,  1 Peter 1:3-9, John 20:19-31

Roster for 23rd April 2017

  9.30am 6.00pm
Flowers Ruth Henderson  
Steward(s) & Offering Janet & Howard Jacob  
Notices Barbara Hurrell  
Scripture Reader Noel Maywald  
Data Projector    
Sound Noel Maywald  
Building Steward Eric Hurrell  
Offering Count D Brown/S Maywald P Howland
Tea & Coffee Jayne & Lynton Nicholas  

What’s on this Week   (17th   23rd April)

Monday               4.45-6.45 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium)
Tuesday               9.30-11.00 am Book Club,  5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall), 7.30 pm Church Council
Wednesday        6.00-8.00 pm Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium),  6.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Thursday             5.30-7.30 pm Reach your Feat (Top Hall)
Saturday              10.00-11.00 am Waratah Calisthenics Club (Auditorium)
Sunday                 9.30 am Church Service