Newsletter for Sunday 9th December 2018

Newsletter for Sunday 9th December 2018






Sunday 9th December 2018


Greetings and welcome to this week’s newsletter


A Note from Linda

On Sunday, we will begin week 2 of the season of Advent.  Our theme for this season is ‘Angels Among Us’.

A reminder that in this series, when we talk about angels, our understanding is of ‘one who has a message’, ‘an envoy ’ or ‘one that announces.’  Angels are the symbols of messages that we need to hear – that we need to wake up to.  The idea is that by taking in and taking on the message, we become the “angels among us” getting this message out to multiply it in our spheres of influence.  We’ve been encouraging everyone to share messages of hope, either through the quote shared last week or by taking a photo of yourself with angel wings and sharing that.

And for those who were at church last Sunday morning, please bring your feather back with you.


In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, to a virgin engaged to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David.  The virgin’s name was Mary… The angel said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God… For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1: 26-56

Zechariah freaked out when the other-worldly creature appeared to him.  But Mary was simply “perplexed.”  Why would such an incredible message come to a common girl just barely a woman?  Then her reply to such a foretelling about her purpose in life was also simple:  “Let it be so.”  Have you ever struggled with finding your purpose and being at peace with it?  Or are you yearning for more peace in your life and relationships? #morepeace in the world happens when all of us feel #morepeace within ourselves and live out that message each day.

Blessings, Linda


Sunday Evenings

9 Dec: Messy Christmas at 4pm

16 Dec: Spirited Sunday at the Rezz (from 6.30pm) – with guest presenter, Gerald Pederick

23 Dec: Prayer Walk

30 Dec – 20 Jan: no evening services

27 Jan: Prayer Walk


Christmas Parade and Carols

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Christmas Parade and Carols last Sunday. Our ‘gaggle’ of 16 Christmas angels from Campbelltown and Athelstone Uniting Church were full of enthusiasm and had lots of fun.



Blue Christmas

We will once again hold a Blue Christmas service – a service of remembrance and hope – with Campbelltown Uniting Church, Dernancourt Uniting Church and Resthaven.

To be held on Wednesday 19th December at 7.30pm at Campbelltown Uniting Church.  All welcome, especially those who find the festivities and joy of Christmas difficult as they remember loved ones sadly missed or are lonely.


2019 Coming up for Rosters

In a week or so I shall be making up the Church Rosters for January, February & March.  So, once again, I require you all to consider dates when you are not available for the above months, or if you wish to come on or off any particular roster.  Please contact me direct, by phone on 8337 0011 or preferably by email at

Thanks, Gus Robin


Christmas Angels Project

This Advent we’ll be sharing God’s love and extravagant generosity with our community in public places and community spaces with a Christmas message.  This message will be in the form of a surprise free gift of an angel.

This has been inspired by the Christmas Angels project taken on by a number of churches in the UK in recent years.

Everyone is invited to join in by knitting or crocheting angels, donating wool, or recruiting other knitters!  Patterns and wool are available through the church office.  And no, this does not need to be a ‘girl’ thing!  Anyone can learn to knit!

The angels need to be ready by the 16th of December.  In our morning service we will have them all out for us to see and will pray for them and commission them.  The distribution of angels will take place in the week following.

Well done to all our ‘knitters’ and ‘crocheters’ – we have already made 216 angels!  Let’s keep going so that we can show extravagant generosity to our community this Christmas!


Thank you and Christmas is coming

With Christmas now approaching, it is a time to remember those members of our community who are less fortunate.  To assist them at this time of the year, the Uniting Communities Eastern Services is seeking ongoing support of its annual Christmas Appeal.  To prepare 150 Christmas Hampers, food items with a “Christmas theme” are being sought.  These items for the hampers may include Christmas puddings, cakes, fruit mince pies, long life custard, canned ham etc. Monetary donations will also be greatly accepted and used to purchase such items.

For more information contact Brenton Summers


Second Sunday of Advent


Creating peace through education

Through your Christmas Bowl gift, you can give more children in poor countries the chance to go to school, escape poverty and create peaceful, productive lives.  Please give using the Bowl envelope (available in the church entrance) or making a donation at Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services.  When using the envelope don’t forget to include the name of our Church.


Tear Fund Useful Gifts

Don and Brian will be at the Tear Fund table today and right up to Christmas with catalogues and cards to enable you to identify with needy people and communities that could be transformative for them.

At the same time your loved one or friend to whom you send a card will be participating too as they enable a family to establish a veggie garden, receive a fuel- efficient stove or receive the gift of a goat .The options are many.



Of late… there have been some “gremlins in the facility” so we are returning to the “old ways” this means if you need to get into the admin area for any reason after hours you will need to remember to bring your keys.  All doors will be dead locked for security purposes… if you unlock a door, please remember to lock it again as you leave.

When you visit the facility, please be careful re-alarming the property… make sure no one else is around in either the main building or top hall before you set the alarm on your way out.

  • If you use the small under counter bins for food and other scraps please empty them before you leave as well as emptying the larger rubbish bin after every event.
  • When using the dishwasher, please follow the directions posted on the wall and don’t forget to clean it out. If you are not sure, let me know and I will organise a quick “how to” for you.


Stocktake Day (22nd January 2019)

Help with Stock take and Cleaning Day would be appreciated, anytime between

10-00am and 3-00pm, with a break for lunch at Indigo Café.

Please consider how you can help in 2019.

Bruce and Joy Stewart  Phone: 83362671 or Email:

Uniting Church Calendars

Please pick up your free 2019 UCA calendar from the foyer.   Sharyn



Electronic Giving – Forms are available or speak to Treasurer Glen Luestner for more information.


Pastoral care – Please contact a member of our Pastoral Care Oversight Team for assistance:

Rev Linda Driver 0458 500 656 Bob Stevenson 0400 641 242

Brenton Summers 0400 632 829 Ann Brown 0413 581 554


Prayer Requests – Can we support you in prayer? Here’s how:

Prayer Chain – send an email to, or call Brenton Summers, who will pass your prayer request on to a group of people who faithfully pray in response to Prayer Chain emails.

Confidential Prayers – if the issue is more personal you are invited to contact Linda for individual prayer or one the members of the Pastoral Care Oversight team (Brenton Summers, Ann Brown, Bob Stevenson and Linda). All prayer requests going to the team will be kept strictly confidential within this team.

Prayers for Others (Sunday Worship) – Linda provides our Worship Leaders with prayer points as appropriate. Prayer points are also sourced from the Prayer Chain. If you have something you would like to be included in Prayers for Others, please contact Linda. “We are all called to pray for one another, and so we are all encouraged to offer to pray for, or with others, especially if they share a concern with you.” (James 5:13-16


Wider Church News- Please use the link to UC e-news at


Website – We encourage you to visit our website:


Newsletter contributions – Please email by 5pm Wed.


The triple C’s will launch soon, keep tuned



Lectionary readings

9th December – Mal 3: 1-4, Luke 1:68-79, Phil 1: 3-11, Luke 3: 7-18

16th December – Zep 3:14-20; Isaiah 12:2-6; Phil 4:4-7; Luke 3:7-18



  9th December 16th December
Preacher Linda Linda
Worship Leader Meg Ann P
Singers Friederike/LyndonR/Marie Jeff/Jeanine/Lynton N
Keyboard Di Gerald
Guitar Chris/Dave Grant/Scott
Data Projector Samantha Dave
Flowers Raelene Carole
Door Stewards & Offering Jan & Gus Coralie & Brenton
Notices Don Brenton
Scripture Reader Jayne Jenny R
Offering Count Paul H/Trevor G Jeff D/Lynton N
Tea & Coffee Sheralyn & Leanne Jan & Gus
Sound Don B Tara
Building Steward Richard Read Eric Hurrell


What’s on 10th – 16th December

Tuesday 9.30–11.30 am Pilates Top Hall
  10.00-11.00am U3A – Yoga Auditorium
  6.30-7.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Thursday 6.30-7.30pm Reach your Feat Top Hall
Friday 10.00-12.00pm Friendship Club (ACH) Christmas Lunch Auditorium
Saturday 9.30-11.30am Pilates Top Hall
Sunday 9.30am Worship Auditorium
  6.30 pm Spirited Sunday The Rezz