Newsletter 5th June 2016

Newsletter 5th June 2016

Sunday 5th June 2016

Sounds of Silence

Sunday June 12th – 8.15 am in the bottom hall
An opportunity for a time of quiet contemplative reflection – please feel welcome to join us .
Lee O’Connell

Cans of Food

We are now into Winter – so Cans of Soup, Baked Beans, Casserole type meals, etc. are very welcome!   All donations are delivered to Uniting Communities who in turn distribute them to those in need.   Please leave any contributions at the back of the church.

Mission Planning

Part of Geoff’s role this year is to work with us to develop our sense of identity and purpose. To this end we are forming a team of people and designing a process through which we can together consider and contribute our thoughts and hopes for our church. We believe that as we share this work together we will discover where God is leading us and how we can shape our life to follow that call. It’s time for us all to think and pray about what we want to contribute.

Special meeting of the Congregation

Church Council, together with the Chairperson of our Congregation,  have called for a special meeting of the congregation on the 5th June 2016.  This meeting will occur at the end of worship before the closing blessing and hymn.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider revisions that Church Council intends to make to the current 2016 budget.  The revised budget is available with an explanation of why we wish to move in this direction.  Questions and suggestions are most welcome before the meeting.  We would like to receive questions well before if possible.  You can email you comments to    Church Council

Wider Church

For news of the wider church in South Australia and beyond please continue to use the link to UC e-news at

Coming Events

Packing Day

The countdown is on to this whole church event.  It all starts straight after morning worship on Sunday 5th June and we hope to have it all done by late afternoon on Tuesday 7th.  I am seeking more volunteers throughout the three days, but in particular on Sunday and all day on Tuesday.  A special morning tea is on offer on Tuesday if that provides the encouragement/coercion/bribe you need to come along.  Please let me know of your availability before Sunday the 5th.  I have received calls from several city and country churches to let me know they are delivering quantities of good to us, so the more helpers we have, the easier the work load on everyone.  I look forward to hearing from you (and a big thank you to those who have already volunteered and are helping behind the scenes).  Ros
See for more details

Trysport – Youth Ball

Fridays, 5pm to 7pm  Modbury High School Community Gym
2 hours of basketball for year 5 to year 9’s.  Normal 5 players per team on court, rotating 15 minutes games.   Everyone welcome.   We will make up the teams for single players and friends or come as a team of friends.  Cost is $10
For further information contact Peter Skinner on mobile 0403 497 247 or email
Saturday night 3 0n 3 comp. also starts soon for year 8 to year 12’s.
For further information on this contact Drew on 0401 024 417 or email


12th  June 2016

9.30am 6.00pm
Flowers Marie Hickman
Steward(s) & Offering Sheralyn & Pat
Notices Brenton Summers
Scripture Reader Sylvia Maywald
Data Projector Dean
Sound John Lawrie
Building Steward Noel Maywald
Offering Count D Walker/F Ashby-Weiss G Luestner/C Prichard
Tea & Coffee Coralie & Brenton Summers Curtis’
Bakery Run Curtis’


Bible Readings

5th June  –  1 Kings 17: 8-16 & 17-24, Psalm 146, Galatians 1:11-24, Luke 7: 11-17
12th June  –  1 Kings 21: 1-10 (11-14); 15-21a, Psalm 5:1-8, Galatians 2:15-21, Luke 7:36-8:3