What to Expect

What to Expect

Each Sunday morning at 9.30 am a group of between 60 and 80 people gather for worship and fellowship.

The style is informal but well formed.

We are a range of ages. From babies to seniors. All are equally valued.

Newcomers are welcomed without being overwhelmed. We won’t try and give you a job!

The music is bright and thoughtfully presented. We use a variety of music and like to try new things.

Dress is casual. We don’t mind suits or tee shirt and thongs.

The service is around 60-75 minutes long and there is a nice morning tea and cuppa afterwards.
Some of us then head off to local cafes for further coffee and chats – all welcome!

Each Sunday evening at around 6.00 pm a group of 12 or so people gather for worship and fellowship.
We meet in the Chapel for an informal style of worship.

In coming months we are trialing new initiatives on Sunday evenings. Check out our Events pages for more details.

During the week we have a number of groups who meet regularly. Again, check out our Events pages and the Newsletter for more information.