Labyrinth and Peace Garden

Labyrinth and Peace Garden

Our Labyrinth is located in the Peace Garden on the corner of Kantilla Drive and Kerley Crescent. It’s a place to sit and simply Be.. at peace. Or to walk the Labyrinth.

A Labyrinth is an invitation to a peaceful experience.
RELAX by letting go of the details of your life and quieting your mind. Walk slowly along the path, breathing deeply.
RELEASE as you pause at the centre.
RECEIVE an image, an inspiration, a moment of peace.
Return to your world

Labyrinths have been in use for thousands of years. People have used labyrinths as a pilgrimage of prayer, as a time to ponder conflict, to look for God’s direction or simply to quiet the chatter in one’s mind.
The labyrinth is not a maze! There is one path which leads you to the Centre. The same path leads you back out.
As you enter, it is suggested that you pause, clear your mind, let go of your concerns and slowly follow the path to the centre area. Notice how the path sometimes turns back on itself, giving more time to relax, quiet your mind, and listen deep within your heart.
The centre is a stopping place for prayer or stillness.
When you are ready, follow the same path out breathing deeply as you walk slowly.

Peace be with you

Download this resource for quiet reflection