Triple C’s

Triple C’s

Yep it is that time again, when it is hoped we will have another group of Men meeting at 1030hrs

Next gathering is this Wednesday 12 June, when long week end recovery should be complete. Usual time of 1030hrs for Chaps Coffee Chat, this time at the REZZ HOTEL where we have booked for 15 but willing to be proved wrong with more attendees than that. Want a lift?, then contact Bob Stevenson or Ray Walter.

Who, what, is/are triple c’s??


Where?  different coffee establishments in the general area.

Why?  Get to know your fellow man for a laugh, discussion on things general, info on how to make or do something, just a general chat.

How long? Til we get kicked out……..No about 2 hours, including from and return home. Should make getting a leave pass pretty easy!!.      Maybe a cheer or 6!!

Need extra info. or perhaps a lift?       Contact Ray Walter or Bob Stevenson.