Mission Planning

Mission Planning

Mission Planning Summary

Mission Planning seeks to answer 3 critical questions of our congregation:

  1. Who are we? (identity question)
  2. What has God called us to be/do? (purpose question)
  3. Who is our neighbour? (contextual question)

It’s primarily an exercise in spiritual discernment – what is God saying to us about our future?
The process itself, through thoughtfulness, discussion, questioning, group and individual engagement, assessment and reporting, will help us think through where God is taking us.
It’s a time of discovery and reflection that will build hopes and expectations.
This is an opportunity for you to express how you hear God’s call within this church.
As part of Geoff Hurst’s  interim ministry tasks at AUC, the Church Council has requested that he guides the church through this Mission Planning process.
A Mission Planning Team (MPT) has been established consisting of a small group of respected and trusted members of this church. Di Curtis, Jeff Dry, Ros Howland and Dillon Mullins have been asked to serve us in this team. Together with Geoff Hurst (minister) and Wendy Perkins from SA Presbytery they will establish the processes and keep the church informed of progress and ensure that we have clear and useful outcomes.
The MPT don’t produce the mission plan. They help us, as a church, to be clear about what our purpose is and its reporting will shape the new congregation placement profile and help us fill the new placement.
Anyone with an interest in the Uniting Church in Athelstone will have an opportunity to contribute to our Mission Planning.
We anticipate that an initial workshop will occur in June 2016. We expect that a final report condensing input, priorities and possible outcomes will be completed in October 2016.
Therefore, in the coming days and weeks we ask that you think about and ponder those 3 crucial questions listed above, be prepared to share your responses to them and continue to be inspired about our future at Athelstone Uniting Church.

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