Geoff’s thoughts (Page 2)

Geoff’s thoughts (Page 2)

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Wirra words of the week – Water

The warmer weather is fast approaching and this reminds us of the importance of water. If you are passing through the wirra and notice an empty ice cream container, please top it up for our local koala population. The dampness under rocks, logs and leaf litter also provides shelter for many smaller creatures in the wirra. Not only do the local fauna enjoy a supply of…

Wirra words of the week – Walls

Christmas is fast approaching and the wirra is drying rapidly. The native grasses have greened and are seeding and soon, we will notice the Christmas Bush (Spinosa bursaria) begin to bloom with its bunches of tiny white flowers. This year we have been challenged with wet weather on Tuesdays, but in the past Stay and Players have often looked for the shady pots in the…

What are you hoping for?

With a deep sigh, Jo eased herself into the empty seat. Taggers had scored the glass on the windows so deeply that it was pointless trying to look at the buildings flashing past. She felt strange taking the seat near the door. Her mother had always told her it was for old people. But with 8 and ½ months gone of a difficult pregnancy Jo took whatever concessions she could…
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