Stay and Play @ Home

Stay and Play @ Home

Niina Marni, Hello All!

Stay and Play @ Home was a program with structured play and craft activities for pre-schoolers to do in your home or outdoors.

November 2022 Update:

Stay and Play @ Home families received their last program on 22 November 2022. There no longer seems to be a need for these @ Home programs so they have been discontinued for 2023.  If you want to access them, they are still currently available below.

Our last Wirra Play Day was held on 6th Dec 2022. We had a lovely morning , celebrating this wonderful program and thanking Joy and Bruce for all they have done to make Stay and Play, Stay and Play @ Home and Wirra Play Days so special!

In 2022, activities were based on the International Year of Glass. 

Term 4, 2022 – Week 2 Program

Term 4, 2022 – Week 1 Program

Term 3, 2022 – Week 2 Program

Term 3, 2022 – Week 1 Program

Term 2, 2022 – Week 2 Program

Term 2, 2022 – Week 1 Program

Term 1, 2022 – Wirra Play Day Song

Term 1, 2022 – Week 2 Program

Term 1, 2022 – Week 1 Program

Term 4, 2021 – Week 2 Program

Term 4, 2021 – Week 1 Program

Term 3, 2021 – Week 2 Program

Term 3, 2021 – Week 1 Program

Term 2, 2021 – Week 2 Program

Term 2, 2021 – Week 1 Program

Term 1, 2021 – Week 2 Program

Term 1, 2021 – Week 1 Program

Term 4, 2020 – Week 4 Program – Christmas

Term 4, Week 3 Program: 17th November

Term 4, Week 2 Program: 3rd November

Term 4, Week 1 Program: 20th October

Term 3, Week 5 Program: 22nd September

Term 3, Week 4 Program: 8th September

Term 3, Week 3 Program: 25th August

Term 3, Week 2 Program: 11th August

Term 3, Week 1 Program: 28th July

Term 2, Week 5 Program: 30th June

Term 2, Week 4 Program: 16th June

Term 2, Week 3 Program: 2nd June

Term 2, Week 2 Program: 19th May

Term 2, Week 1 Program: 5th May

Relax with Stay and Play @ Home

Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter.  Are you looking for some relaxation? 
The 2 documents below come from Animal Yoga for Kids-Mother Natured
and are a fun way to do some gentle exercise/relaxation with your children.

My 3 year old granddaughter has been creating her own postures like “sleeping mouse”, “sitting duck” and even “train yoga”!  She also made, with the help of her Mum, the cute egg carton egg cups I sent last week.

Have fun and relax,
Cheers Joy

Easter Fun #2

If you want to celebrate Easter with a greater Christian emphasis, here is a link to some ideas, provided by the Uniting Church, per favour Linda and Messy Church Team at Athelstone.

Remember many other faiths are celebrating too at this time of year.
Our Jewish friends celebrate Passover, our Muslim friends Laylat-Qadr, our Hindu friends Rama Navami and our Buddhist friends Wesak.  Would love to hear of any others to add to this list.

EVERYONE celebrates human kindness!

Enjoy your Easter celebrations however you choose to spend them, but most of all, enjoy being family.

Keep safe and healthy.
Cheers Joy

Easter Fun #1

Click here for a dress-up activity for you.  You might recognise the “Ma Chook”!

Start collecting Autumn leaves and pressing them between newspaper and heavy books.  We will use them in Term 2.

Boil some eggs, dye them if you wish, then try rolling them with a wooden spoon or stick. A “soft” surface is safer – a lawn or mat.  Have a race!

Dye Recipe
½ cup boiling water,
1 tsp white vinegar,
approx. 20 drops food dye (depending on how dark you want the colour). 
You can wrap rubber bands around the egg before adding to the dye to achieve a pattern.
Rotate egg in the dye, using a spoon for about 5-10 minutes. 
Remove and drain on a rack with paper towel or newspaper underneath.

Purchase some coloured plastic eggs, often found in cheap shops (saw some in Athelstone opposite the church).
Make an egg carton egg cup (see attachment) for your boiled/plastic eggs.

Make a creative sculpture by stacking plastic eggs with playdough in between.

Make an Easter lunch/snack time surprise by placing different foods (chopped/sliced fruit or vegies, sultanas etc) in the plastic eggs, in an egg carton.  Joy found this on Pinterest.        Google

Don’t forget to send Joy photos if you wish.

Week 4: 31 March

A note from Joy:

Good morning everyone

Here we are for our first Stay and Play @ Home.  Usually this would be our last Stay and Play for Term 1 but I hope, with the exceptional circumstances we are all in, I will be able to email you something on a weekly basis. Your next full programme will hopefully arrive on 5th May, our normal starting date for Term 2.  This is an exercise to keep you all in touch as well as providing some activities you may be able to try at home.  Remember these programmes have been adapted from what I already had prepared so they will evolve over time too, especially if you give me some feed back.  Tell me what was useful/not useful, what your children enjoy/didn/t enjoy and maybe a photo if you wish.  

Don’t forget the “Bear Hunt”.  I am sure many of you have already heard about this on social media.  There are some bears in the Athelstone Church window and at our home on Maryvale Rd, if you’re out and about.  We had a visit from a Mum and 2 children from Holden Hill the other day (complete strangers).  Our bear is reading but the book will change so keep watching him over time!  Take this time to share with your children about social distancing.

In the meantime stay safe and healthy.

Cheers Joy